The Council on Active Transportation shall:

  • address issues related to bicycle, pedestrian, and other active transportation modes, including non-motorized access to the multimodal network,
  • provide input on related policy issues and cross-cutting/multimodal issues to the Transportation Policy Forum,
  • provide direction and assignments to the committees related to active transportation, and review and approve applicable technical documents on behalf of the association,
  • promote and encourage technology and knowledge transfer by member states, and shall make recommendations regarding needed research,
  • review and provide input on proposed federal policies of national concern,
  • and identify key policy areas for review and discussion by the Transportation Policy Forum.

Next Meeting:

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Leslie Richards (Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation)

Vice-Chair: Toks Omishakin (Deputy Commissioner/Chief of Environment and Planning, Tennessee Department of Transportation)

Steering Committee

  • Rob Bedenbaugh, P.E. (SC)
  • Ken Brubaker, P.E. (CO)
  • Barb Chamberlain (WA)
  • Ben Ehreth (ND)
  • Charles Glass (MD)
  • Kevin Marshia, P.E. (VT)
  • Toks Omishakin (TN)
  • Milly Ortiz (IA)
  • Secretary Leslie Richards (PA)
  • Commissioner Victoria Sheehan (NH)
  • Karla Sutliff (CA)


Shannon Eggleston, Liaison
Program Director for Environment
(202) 624-3649

Bryan Hong
Associate Program Manager for Environment
(202) 624-7827