Welcome to the Council on Active Transportation

The Council on Active Transportation addresses issues related to bicycle, pedestrian, and other active transportation modes. This website provides an overview about the Council’s work, membership, and upcoming meetings. Practitioners may find the “Resources” section particularly useful and are welcome to contribute any additional information they’d like to include.



Chair Leslie Richards and Vice Chair Toks Omishakin on the 2018 Joint Policy Conference Bike Ride


AASHTO’s Council on Active Transportation recently held a free one-hour webinar on recent innovations in bicycle and pedestrian projects and planning. More information, including a webinar summary and link to the recording, can be found here. Future webinars related to active transportation topics will be scheduled throughout the year and will be posted on the Council’s website.

Next Meeting

July 21-26, 2019
Joint Meeting of the AASHTO Council on Active Transportation and Committee on Design (In Collaboration with the TRB Roadside Safety Design Committee) at the Peppermill Reno (Reno, NV). More information can be found on the Meetings page as it becomes available.

Chair: Leslie Richards

Secretary, PennDOT

Vice-Chair: Toks Omishakin

Deputy Commissioner/Chief of Environment and Planning, TDOT

AASHTO Liasions

Shannon Eggleston
Program Director for Environment
(202) 624-3649

Sofie Rhoads
Associate Program Manager for Environment
(202) 624-5823