The Council on Active Transportation shall:

  • address issues related to bicycle, pedestrian, and other active transportation modes, including non-motorized access to the multimodal network,
  • provide input on related policy issues and cross-cutting/multimodal issues to the Transportation Policy Forum,
  • provide direction and assignments to the committees related to active transportation, and review and approve applicable technical documents on behalf of the association,
  • promote and encourage technology and knowledge transfer by member states, and shall make recommendations regarding needed research,
  • review and provide input on proposed federal policies of national concern,
  • and identify key policy areas for review and discussion by the Transportation Policy Forum.

Chair Leslie Richards and Vice Chair Toks Omishakin on the 2018 Joint Policy Conference Bike Ride


Leslie Richards (Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation)

Vice-Chair: Toks Omishakin (Deputy Commissioner/Chief of Environment and Planning, Tennessee Department of Transportation)

Steering Committee

  • Rob Bedenbaugh, P.E. (SC)
  • Ken Brubaker, P.E. (CO)
  • Barb Chamberlain (WA)
  • Ben Ehreth (ND)
  • Charles Glass (MD)
  • Kevin Marshia, P.E. (VT)
  • Toks Omishakin (TN)
  • Milly Ortiz (IA)
  • Secretary Leslie Richards (PA)
  • Commissioner Victoria Sheehan (NH)
  • Karla Sutliff (CA)


Shannon Eggleston, Liaison
Program Director for Environment
(202) 624-3649