AASHTO Resources

  • The Center for Environmental Excellence‘s current Work Plan features a task on Bicycle and Pedestrian Activities. This task saw the creation of two detailed case studies on streamlining the planning and implementation of bicycle and pedestrian projects covering topics such as: project scoping, purpose and need statements, building local agency capacity as project sponsors, project bundling, Federal and State procurement requirements, funding application and environmental processes, simplifying reporting forms for pedestrian and bicycle projects, and identifying strategies to incorporate bicycle and pedestrian elements into larger transportation projects. These case studies were conducted on Pennsylvania and Connecticut and are available on the Center’s website.
  • Custom Email Updates from AASHTO’s Center for Environmental Excellence span the Center’s portfolio and include Active Transportation, Environmental Justice, and Sustainability among other topics.
  • AASHTO Transportation Daily Update (DTU) is published Monday through Friday and can be delivered straight to your inbox. The DTU is a collection of news articles from across the web covering topics relevant to AASHTO members.
  • AASHTO Journal is an AASHTO-written set of articles delivered on a weekly basis.
  • Multimodal Task Force

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